Hello people! I’m really short on money! (like… really REALLY short)
And even though my parents are awesome and always offer to help, I want to try and earn it myself. Any donations and tips are of course welcome!

For… Erotic material, we may have to discuss the price, depending on pose etc.

I don’t do: Racial hate, propaganda, rape, abuse or things like it.

Also: If you want me to draw an existing character, please send good references, so I won’t be forced to spend time looking shit up.

Cheers, everyone!

The mod needs the mon mon, please consider commissioning him!






6.A confession

when me and infinity were younger…..

we made a lesbian porno together 


sometimes she comes over and we watch it together , as a sort of tradition

but you can also buy it on ebay for over  $1000

i’m not giving you the name though..

143: Why dont the two of you join me and we can make one together hm? *wiggles eye brows*

if you watch the porno , you will know why that’s a bad idea

it like being in between to large breasted lionesse fighting over who gets the meat first.

it’s fucking scary shit but damn it’s so hot at the same time

+A video totally a must buy

Scarlet: Woah, that’s some crazy stuff, right Violet? …V-……Violet?

Violet: *Making inhuman noises in the toilet*